South West Deer Rescue and Study Centre

Discover the South West Deer Rescue Centre

South West Deer Rescue Centre is Home to four species of deer and covers over 110 acres of unspoilt Somerset countryside with stunning views to add to your visit. Walking with deer and Touching the Wild is a “must do” for anyone visiting Somerset.

Stag at the South West Deer Rescue Centre

Stag at the Centre.

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Thank for showing us around today. We had a great time and the cuppa tea was superb!!

Wonderful morning – thank you for showing us around – your passion and dedication is simply superb

Loved our visit today, keep up the great work you do and I hope to visit again soon

Explore the South West Deer Rescue Centre

South West Deer Centre is run by Mike Gage, Somerset very own  “Deer Whisperer”, and his volunteers. The centre is run on a non-profit  basis and it offers a unique “up close” experience with five different species of wild and semi-wild deer, including Jack and Rebus, our magnificent Red Deer Stags with their huge 29 and 31 point antlers.  Many of these gentle creatures are not only tame enough to touch, but some actively seek human company.  Book Now for a day to remember. Bookings are only done by Phone .

A Hundred Acres

Set in over a hundred acres of beautiful countryside on the Somerset/ Dorset border, the Rescue Centre is home to Red Deer, White (Red) Deer, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Roe Deer, Muntjac and Sika Deer.  Make a day to remember phone us now for a guided tour.

Stunning views over the Somerset and Dorset countryside,You would enjoy exploring the centre for just its stunning views

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