Chiropractic Newbie: What to Expect

A first time can make your imagination go wild and can sometimes give you jitters if you don’t know what to expect. When we want to finally consult a chiropractor for our back-pain dilemmas, most of the time we really do not know what to expect from a chiropractic care or approach because a first time is a first time and maybe we haven’t done enough research. Some chiropractors tend to leave treatments open-ended and do not leave patients enough information on what expect while undergoing treatment or what to do the day after they have finally started treatment. 

The most vital know how when it comes to chiropractic treatment is first and foremost a thorough chiropractic exam and that the initial treatment may last 45 minutes or more however follow-up consultations tend to be as short as 10 to 20 minutes. 

What are things you need to take note of before a chiropractor visit? 

  • History and Symptoms: Initially, chiropractic consultations involve filling out forms that helps in the chiropractor’s clinical analysis, this involves any background information of the patient and any symptoms that apply. These questions can range from when the pain started, location of the pain, description of the kind of pain felt which can be sharp, dull, burning or throbbing, how long the pain lasts or if the pain is felt after an injury. Patients are also asked for any pre-existing medications and other previous treatments. 
  • Chiropractic Exam: This exam includes general tests which involves taking of blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels and even reflexes. These tests help assess range of motion of the affected body part, muscle tone, muscle strength and the neurological integrity of the patient. A chiropractor may also ask the patient to move in a specific manner for posture analysis and further motion analysis. 
  • Diagnostic Studies: Diagnostic studies help in revealing pathologies and identifying abnormalities so that a more accurate diagnosis for the condition can be concluded. In most cases, an x-ray is used as a tool to help in making a diagnosis however it is not always needed. X-rays help in diagnosing any recent trauma, spondylarthritis or scoliosis. Due to radiation exposure, using x-rays are limited to cases that are deemed necessary. Soft tissue damage such as problems with discs, torn muscle or nerve compression also needs some checking and x-rays cannot do that, MRI scans are more appropriate in this part of the diagnosis. 

After all these stages or steps, the chiropractor will then explain the patient’s diagnosed condition along with the treatment plan with consideration of the length of the treatment. However, some chiropractors are fond of written diagnosis and it will be in the patient’s hands to study them but remember that you can always ask for further explanation. 

These are some of the most basic information about spinal pain solution Los Angeles you will need. I hope now you have a more vivid picture of what your chiropractic treatment will look like but you can always do more research on your own. Do visit their website for your chiropractic treatment needs and to book for an appointment. 


How to Take Care of Your AC

Whether you are someone who enjoys his or her luxurious villa or someone who simply enjoys her work more than her home and is satisfied with a smaller space, you need to take your air conditioning usage into consideration. Even if you own the best brand that is advertised in every television or plugged in every site on the internet, every air conditioner needs its own break and somehow like humans, some care. 

Here are some of the essential tips on how you can best take care of the air conditioning system that takes care of you. 

1. The working principle of your ac is vital 

The most common basic parts of an air conditioning system involve 2 main things. The first part is where the water heating happens second, the release of steam to heat up your home and give you the comfort of summer in the middle of cold winter. 

2. You need to give your ac a clean up 

You can use a vacuum when you are cleaning your ac however sometimes it’s more complicate than that. One ac can be different with the other so checking your manual in order to get to the nooks and crannies of your ac is the best solution. Once you’ve read the manual on how to properly disassemble some screws if they are present, then you can better clean your ac. 

3. Stop using your aging thermostat, you need something that’s programmable 

A programmable thermostat is as its name says, programmable. It allows you as the user to set your desired temperature for when you are using your ac the most and even where you are using your ac the most. Through your programmable thermostat you can save energy and avoid any bill shock when you get your electricity bill because you are only using as you programmed your thermostat. 

4Stop the buzzing noise 

When you buy a new ac, it really is very quiet, clean and cold. However, as your ac ages it can become noisy and you don’t want that. In times like this, you might consider checking your condenser or if you are not the techy type, call for help. 

5Your ac filter needs to go 

Just like how you clean your home, your ac filter needs cleaning too. When the filters of your ac are not cleaned, dirt can get stuck in it and if you don’t check it every now and then it can build up and be difficult to handle. This can affect the air quality output of your ac and you don’t want to be sneezing around your home all the time. Change your filters if necessary. 

6The size of your ac should fit the size of your home 

Air conditioning units have sizes and these sizes are co related to the space it will provide cooling with. When you have a huge house, you surely need a bigger ac and when you have a small apartment, it’s best to opt for a smaller one or you will freeze getting the big one. 

7Don’t let your air escape 

When you paid for your electricity bill, I’m pretty sure you hoped you were paying for what you consumed. When you disregard air leaks in your home, you are actually paying for what you are not using, so don’t get those cooled air escape because that was an investment you paid for. Track them out and fix the problem. 

These are basic tips that you can maybe find anywhere but it is a reminder that’s everywhere on the internet for a reason. Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair can always take the hassle off your shoulder when it comes to your hvac needs. If you are a busy person like me contact them through for your convenience.